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Playing the pikers

Postby exussum » 23 Jul 2012, 20:22

Playing hockey on a small rink is certainly not for the faint hearted or ice hockey purist! The game is fast and furious, end to end and totally devoid of any icing calls. It consists of dumping, chasing and shooting with very little recourse to actually passing the puck between players. Nevertheless the game was played in a grand spirit by both teams, no penalties for either team, and fully enjoyed by all the Phantoms players.
Although I wouldn?t disagree with the actual sequence of goals scored by either team as listed on the Game Sheet, I would take issue with the period scores as entered because I clearly remember an
occasion in the second period when we actually tied at 3 ? 3 for a short section of the game! This situation would be impossible with a first period score, as listed on the Game Sheet, of 4 ? 1 in our
favour! It would have been possible to correct for these errors if the times of the goals had been recorded on the Game Sheet.
Purely from memory on period scores and using the Game Sheet for the sequence of goals, the first period ended 3 ? 1 in our favour with Daniel Kitchin scoring two, the first and the third, separated by
one scored by George Perrett ably assisted by Dan. The Seagulls? managed one marker of their own scored by C.Bruce.
The second period started with the Seagulls? scoring two quick goals to tie the game at 3 ? 3, both scored by M. Jeffries. From this point onwards in the game the Phantoms gained the upper hand and
the Seagulls? were unable to increase their tally of goals further! The second period ended 4 ? 2 in our favour with a separate scorer for each goal. The first was scored by George, unassisted, followed by Michael Higgs for the second ably assisted by George. The third goal of the period was scored by
Ritchie Ryland assisted again by George before the final goal of the period was slotted home by Ryan Clark, unassisted.
The third period ended 3 ? 0 in our favour. The first goal of this period was slotted home by Ritchie, unassisted. The final two goals of the period, and therefore the game, were both scored by Thomas
Court, both assisted, the first by Michael and second by Ritchie. The man-of-the-match for the Flintshire Phantoms was Ritchie Ryland.
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