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Garcia is wired up

Postby dheatonrue » 26 Feb 2014, 20:43

In the return fixture from the early season skirmishes, Wyre turned up with some re-enforcements, a Goal Tender and a little fire in the belly and went away the result pretty much the same as the last one, Phantoms outscoring them 2 to 1 throughout the game. Jake Orr got his first goal for the club after just 2 mins after Scott Dutton played him in. The Seagulls fought back quickly though and were soon 2-1 up after a bizarre rebound off the rink netting found the back of Steph Southgate and deflected into the net. Parity was restore by a Chris Keating goal. Phantoms then accelerated ahead and after good play and pressure for the period finished 5-2.

The story in the second period was exactly the same with Phantoms stretching there lead. The moment of the match arrived when Chris Garcia fought his way across the blue line and pushed the puck goal wards and the keeper fumbled the puck. Chris had followed up however on the off chance and was rewarded with a strike on goal which was lifted above the stranded keeper’s pads. Chris danced into the corner of the rink, jumped for joy and threw his stick so high it nearly cleared the plexiglass. A stunning first goal.

In the third period Wyre had obviously had a good talking to themselves and came out revved up, the game because a little chippy with several hits being made without the ref calling them. Unfortunately this only encouraged more bad behaviour and a little retribution of our own began to creep into the phantoms game. This had the effect of reducing the scoring opportunities for both sides and only a single goal apiece was scored in the final period. A great win for the phantoms especially considering the lack of normal defensive players on hand.

Full stats are available here

MVP Chris Garcia. Everything which is good about the phantoms, a complete novice gets his skates on, is welcomed and coached in the club, plays games, scores a goals and picks up MVP. Awesome.
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