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Third Time Unlucky

Postby exussum » 23 Jul 2012, 20:13

There can't be many better ways for a team to start a game than to score in the first few seconds as the Phantoms did at Blackburn last Sunday. Likewise, there can't be a much better way for a player to make his match debut than to score that goal as Dan Schofield did. Unfortunately that was about it for highlights from the Phantoms in their third match up of the season against this version of the Aardvarx.
Timing for the game was slightly unorthodox as the clock at Blackburn Arena was broken so there were 3 periods of 30 minutes each without stoppage; but this wasn't a factor in the final outcome. After Dan's initial goal the first period was fairly evenly matched although the home side levelled the score at 5 and a half minutes and got the go ahead goal in under 10 minutes. In the second period it was all Aardvarx as the home team scored 2 unanswered goals. And despite a rally by the Phantoms in the third, with some better pressure on the Aardvarx, the Phantoms were still outscored 3 to 1; Ludo Krempasky scoring the Deesiders only other marker assisted by Roland Flook. The final score, 7 - 2 for the home side.
It's difficult to say what went wrong for the Phantoms, it wasn't down to penalties this time as all the goals against were at even strength; the Aardvarx were the better team on the day and although they played well they weren't unbeatable. There were some good individual performances by the Phantoms too but for some reason the team didn't seem to gel on the day. Better luck next time!

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