Hounded Out By The Wolves

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Hounded Out By The Wolves

Postby exussum » 23 Jul 2012, 20:15

I'd like to believe that the M6 contributed in some way to the final score last Sunday when the Phantoms headed south to Solihull. What should have been a fairly comfortable 1 1/2 to 2 hour drive for most of the guys intending to get there an hour before face off turned into a last minute scramble due to major hold ups on Britain?s oldest motorway. Following an accident between junctions 16 and 18 the road was at a complete standstill for quite some time with many of the Phantoms players trapped in the log jam, frantically exchanging information about conditions ahead and ideas for alternate routes. Eventually the jam cleared and everyone was on their way but with players arriving at Solihull late, in dribs and drabs, the last being Lee the netminder after 9.00pm, it was not the best start to a game. Although some players managed a bit of skating beforehand, there was no time to warm up as a team and, because things were running so late, the game had to start immediately on a running clock.
It was obvious from the start that the home team were quite strong, although to be fair, like the Phantoms, they had some less experienced players too. The Deesider?s only goal in the first period was courtesy of a solo effort by Nathan Farrington while the Wolves managed to pick up 2 markers. There was no time for a break between periods either, the teams had a brief pep talk then exchanged ends for the second, still on a running clock. Again the Phantoms were not badly out played even though the home side scored 4 to the Deesider?s 2. A notable event during the period was the goal scored by Phantoms newbie Nigel Baines. Nige only started playing hockey when he registered with the Phantoms in January this year and through his enthusiasm, and being in the right place at the right time, he picked up his first goal and point in his debut game. Nathan added the Phantoms second in the period, another unassisted effort, ending the session 6 ? 3 in favour of the Wolves.
The teams managed to get a short breather before the final period and the mood on the Phantoms bench was pretty good, the general feeling was that the Deesiders were still in with a chance. Unfortunately it was not to be as the home side took control, scoring 5 more markers to the Phantoms 1. The Phantoms final goal gave Nathan a well deserved hat trick but this time he was assisted by Jaro Bartos ending the game with a 11 ? 4 win to the Wolves.
It has to be said that although the stats make the Phantoms scoring look a bit one sided all the players worked really hard to turn the game around. The likes of Jaro, Dave Swanston, Roland, Ludo and Mal all put the Wolves under pressure but failed to get that touch of luck on the night that leads to a goal. The Wolves for their part were a very good team and a great bunch of guys, not to mention patient! I?m not saying that the Phantoms would have won under different circumstances but I?m pretty sure that it would have been a closer game.

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