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Postby exussum » 23 Jul 2012, 20:16

Unlike most Phantoms games, when the Deesiders took a little local hop to Blackburn last Sunday, none of our usual correspondents travelled with them. So no actual report for this one but by all accounts the game was tight right to the end. The game sheet tells a tale of low scoring with a one goal advantage being enough for the Phantoms to win the fixture which ended 2 - 1. Both Phantoms goals were courtesy of Nathan Farrington, unassisted, and that may make you think that it was a bit of a one man show. However, further scrutiny of the game sheet shows 20 minutes in penalties to the Deesiders confirming that the rest of the team were making there presence felt too.
Also, according to reports, the game had to be played on a running clock due to time limitations and, as in a similar game previously, there seemed to be problems with the clock stopping randomly near the end of the game?
Anyway, the returning Phantoms said it was a good game and all the better for being a closley fought match.

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