Flintshire Phantoms

The Flintshire Phantoms ice hockey club began in 2001 as an unnamed group who wanted to have a go at playing the game. Initially the group comprised of parents from the junior ice hockey club, some ex-players and a few members of the Deeside leisure centre staff. The participants met each Saturday night to have a bit of fun and maybe acquire a few skills at the same time; all under the watchful eye of Flintshire's most experienced coach, Gary Shaw.

As time progressed the numbers grew and by the end of 2002 the regulars decided to get a bit more organised and give the group a name. The Flintshire Falcons Recreational Ice Hockey Team was born.

In 2004 it was decided to legitimise the club by registering with the English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA) Recreational Section. At the same time, by a unanimous vote of the members, it was also decided to change the team name from Flintshire Falcons to Flintshire Phantoms.

In early 2014, we decided to give a new look for the Phantoms, Dropping our existing logo "Phantie" and starting to use a newly designed one, voted for by the club, while keeping the Phantoms Name

Since the group first got together, people have come and gone, formats have changed and the club has evolved, but the main objective remains as it was at the beginning; to play ice hockey for fun, personal development and participation in the sport with other like minded people!

As for the future ...