monday night game White v Red

Stats for the Monday night scrimage sessions

monday night game White v Red

Postby ian » 12 May 2009, 11:38


Richard Allan
Dave Foster
Ian Glenister
Mark Rimmer
David Swanston
Brett Hobson
Scott Dutton
Oliver Wallace
Scott Guymer
Keith Parsons
Ritchie Ryland


Phil Cooper
Gareth Dobson
Nathan Farrington
Michael Foster
Peter Gazda
Paul Morris
Mark Roberts
Malcolm Singleton
Ash Pryce
Ben Foster
Sam Hunt

Goals and assists

White team
Ash P
Peter G
Peter G
Peter G
Ash P
Peter G
Malcom S
Total 7

Red Team
Richie assist Dave S
Dave S
Scott D assist Richie
Brett assist Scott D
Ian assist Dave S
Scott D assist Dave F
Dave S assist Richie
Total 7

For those that missed the Match. As things go I've never seen Phantom's play so hard to win a game of hockey.

Nathan and I are working on a draft system, which we will use if the one of the teams comes up short of players one week. Most players have a team now so no movement until we need to use the draft!

On the way I saw last night. If we had goalies, white would of taken the win as they managed to stay as a team through out the game for once!

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